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LI-DA ABC Environmental
Labeling Foam Fire Extinguisher

Save the time to judge the type of fire and avoid using the wrong fire extinguisher

Brand announcement

The company's foam fire extinguishing agents never use mainland Chinese agents. The company's foam agents come from the EU countries' environmental protection seal agents and are imported into Taiwan for manufacturing.

The company never drills any inspection loopholes, and has indeed fulfilled every strict inspection standard, and has been recognized by the fire department and won the honor of environmental protection label.

The company's fire extinguishing agent type: surface active agent (cleaning agent / surface active agent)



LI-DA fire extinguisher

The agent from Germany is completely non-toxic to block the re-ignition and cooling of the flame

​Professional Certification

・The only true environmental fire protection company in Taiwan

・The first company in Taiwan to pass the environmental protection label certification

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