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Extinguishing fire is not only a mission but also the key to environmental protection

As "Taiwan's first environmentally-labeled fire extinguisher brand"

We insist on using non-toxic neutral chemicals and recycled environmentally friendly fire extinguishers.


From time to time, the regrets caused by seeing frequent residential fires in Taiwan, inadequate equipment and efficiency in many cases make us more blaming. If the frontline has professional equipment at the moment, the damage can be greatly reduced.


The high density of community buildings and old buildings in Taiwan, coupled with the lack of awareness and knowledge of civilian equipment and the public about fires, makes Lida more determined to promote "fire safety and fire prevention" related issues. Everyone knows how we should deal with a fire.

Innovation ability and green energy

Lida Fire Protection insists on innovation and green energy development, so that fire extinguishers can be recycled and reused. Not only fire extinguishers can clean oil pollution and reduce environmental hazards caused by old accumulations.

Responsibility and gatekeeping

Lida’s transformation started with fire extinguishing agents. Fire protection and safety are our profession and responsibility. We must strictly control firefighters and related practitioners.

In the past few years, Lida has always been looking for safe agents. At the same time, we have discussed with the company and professionals what kind of fire extinguisher can we have a guarantee of safety?

Therefore, the Lida brand mechanical foam fire extinguisher was officially launched. It uses neutral and non-toxic biological extraction and uses biological decomposition technology to extinguish the fire faster.

Community safety awareness

The safety of residence has always been the vision of Lida Fire Department. The inspections of community buildings and old houses are often inaccurate. Therefore, Lida went into the community to promote relevant knowledge and actual measurements, so that the public can feel more at ease and know how we should respond to fires. , Let home be a safe haven, let us create a better future together.

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