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Recently, we have received a lot of consumer responses. They bought low-priced "fire extinguishers" on the Internet (auctions, shopping sites, FB, LINE, etc.), and found that they were crude and inferior products after the actual products arrived.

Q1. Warranty scope

  1. The company's products are strictly checked and inspected, and provide a five-year pharmaceutical warranty service.

  2. The medicament can be replaced free of charge for defects that are not artificially damaged during the warranty period.

  3. The medicine can be stored for 10 years without deterioration. If you have any related quality problems, you can contact Lida to provide you with the best communication channel.

Q2. Liability exclusions from warranty

  1. Product damage caused by man-made product damage, natural disasters or force majeure, is not covered by the warranty.

  2. Product damage caused by product repair, replacement of parts or self-disassembly without authorization of Lida Fire Equipment.

  3. Adding any substance other than this medicine without authorization may deteriorate the quality of the medicine. If it is found to be added, the product will not be guaranteed.

Q3. Payment method

At present, Lida Fire Equipment provides the following payment methods:
ATM remittance and online transfer: For details, please see ➝Shopping Notice .

Q4. How long does it take to ship after payment

For customers who have completed the payment, we will ship them for you within 2~3 working days. (Except for regular holidays, national holidays, and natural disasters)

Q5. Cancel order

Please call the customer service number immediately before the remittance to inform that if the order has already entered the packaging operation, we will not be able to cancel the order for you.

Q6. How to join a member

Please click the upper right corner「Login/register」,Optional use「maill」or「Facebook」、「Google」Quick registration。

Q7. How to contact via "Online Customer Service"?

Push  butto ➝                     


Ready to consult,Working hours ➝ 08:30-17:30。(No service during holidays)

Q8. Enter E-mail to follow the latest news first-hand

Articles related to the latest news on the official website of "Li Da Fire Equipment" are also updated in the special area. Please enter your e-mail to keep an eye on the latest news of "Li Da Fire Equipment".

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