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Shopping instructions and shipping

Single shopping method

Online shopping form:

  1. Pick your shopping products and add them to the shopping cart

  2. Quick login member (google) account login, no need to register

  3. Confirm shopping information and delivery method

  4. Send the order (you will receive the order letter and number)

  5. After remittance, call or Line official account to inform the remittance information

  6. The shipping number will be notified by line and letter on the day of shipment

  7. After receiving the goods, please go to our fan page to give us a rating (offer special offers for regular customers from time to time)

Bulk purchasing method

1. You can contact the window of our company through the contact information, and there will be a dedicated person to provide you with service and quotation.
2. You can also fill in the inquiry form through the bulk purchase form on our official website, and we will reply to you on the day of receipt of the receipt. 886-3-385-0119


Home delivery method




Freight calculation




Remittance information

帳戶名稱 立大消防設備工程有限公司

總行代號 050
分行代號 3017
銀行名稱 台灣中小企業銀行
分行別    大園分行
銀行帳號 30112187746


Return and exchange application method


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