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Asbestos = Quartz


The International Agency for Cancer Research, IARC, announced that it is a first-level carcinogen, confirming that it is carcinogenic to humans! Dry powder fire extinguishers contain first-grade carcinogen crystalline silicon dioxide.

It is not only a hazard to the frontline firefighters, but also the operators engaged in related filling businesses are full of crises.


The shallow period of quartz falls between 10-20 years. Many related patients suffer from cancer inadvertently. After comparison, it turns out that they are all engaged in related work and their lives have been persecuted!

Taiwan’s Fire Department issued the "Criteria for Recognition of Fire Extinguishing Agents for Fire Extinguishers" which only inspected 70% of the main ingredients of dry powder, and the other 30% of "ancillary additives" were not inspected.

Dry powder injection causes a large amount of inhalation of quartz/silicon dioxide, causing harm and harm to the human body.



Carcinogen Silicon dioxide

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